It’s been reported that gay Italian police officers are planning a mass coming out following an official investigation of a traffic cop that won a gay sexiest man poll.

Fabrizio Caiazza (left), 33, is the subject of an investigation for bringing the force “into disrepute” after he won a Gaydar online poll of the sexiest men from around the world.

The Milan police force is targeting Caiazza because he posed in his uniform without permission in some of the pictures used in the competition.

Caiazza, who is expected to receive a slap on the wrist according to officials, claims however that the investigation was initiated because of homophobia ingrained within the police service.

Speaking to the Observer newspaper he said that, “Many policemen don’t come out because of the enmity they would face from colleagues and the isolation they would be put in by superiors.”

The furore has led to the formation of the first Italian organisation for lesbian and gay police officers, Polis Aperta, which plans to meet for the first time towards the end of the month where dozens of cops are expected to come out.

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