A gay Ugandan man has refused to be deported by the British government back to his home country out of fear for his life.

Thirty eight year old John Busco Nyombi was set to fly to Uganda on Sunday morning from Gatwick Airport, but he refused to board the airplane.

His deportation was ordered by the courts which overturned a previous ruling that would have allowed him to stay in Britain.

Gatwick staff chose not to force Nyombi onto the aircraft and immigration services have placed him back into custody and will reportedly house him in a detention centre until a decision has been made on how to proceed with his case.

Nyombi was refused asylum by the Home Office despite living in the UK for seven years. He claims that he could be killed because of his sexuality if he returns to Uganda.

He was arrested without notice last week and not allowed to pack or say goodbye to friends – despite regularly signing in with immigration officials as required.

Activists and friends have vowed to continue to fight to allow him to stay.

With an openly anti-gay government and repressive legislation, Uganda has been recognised by international human rights organisations as one of the most homophobic countries in the world.

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