A former Mr Gay UK has been found guilty of murdering a former boyfriend and then seasoning, cooking and eating his flesh.

The Leeds Crown Court jury took less than three hours to agree on the verdict on Friday.

Thirty six year old Anthony Morley, who was crowned Mr Gay UK in 1993, stabbed 33-year-old Damian Oldfield to death on 23 April before slicing off pieces of his flesh from his thigh. He then cooked and ate the flesh.

The prosecution’s Andrew Stubbs said in the trial:

“From a chopping board on one of the kitchen units, six pieces of cooked flesh, seasoned with fresh herbs and fried in olive oil were recovered. The flesh was human in origin.”

After eating the flesh, Morley, who worked as a chef, walked to a nearby takeaway and asked for the police to be called claiming that he had stopped someone who had tried to rape him.

Morley told the court that he could not remember murdering Oldfield. He said that he was still coming to terms with his sexuality and that when Morley became physical in bed while they watched a DVD, he lost control.

“I felt numb and out of control. I felt uncomfortable and betrayed. I was not comfortable with having a sexual relationship when we had only just got to know each other.”

He added that, “I can only say at some point Damian’s body had just become something I would deal with at work; a piece of meat. That’s the only thing I can think of. That was my daily task, preparing meat.”

A psychiatrist testifying on behalf of Morley said that he could have been in a “dissociative state” during the incident as a result of having flashbacks to a rape which Morley claims to have experienced when he was younger.

Morley is expected to be sentenced today.

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