Characters in the US television shows The Simpsons and Battlestar Galactica are coming out the closet.

On a new episode of The Simpsons, titled Sweet Conclusions, recently broadcast in the US, the character of Duff Man was outed as gay, reports website

Interestingly, Duff Man has been represented as a macho heterosexual stereotype in previous episodes of the show, which is now in its 20th season.

Most surprising is the news that two characters from the popular sci-fi television series remake of Battlestar Galactica are also coming out the closet.

The characters of Gaeta (Alessandro Juliani) and Hoshi (Brad Dryborough) are said to be shown as lovers, and share a kiss, in an upcoming ‘webisode’.

The online mini-episode will premiere on the web next month; ahead of the show’s return to television in the US in January.

Battlestar Galactica’s producer, Ronald D. Moore, has previously said that he regrets not including gay characters in the series.

It is not known if the relationship will be further explored in future episodes of the series.

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