The opening of the new branch of Risqué Lounge in Boksburg on the weekend was hampered by a police raid.

According to various sources, the packed gay nightclub – reportedly with over 1000 patrons – was raided by the authorities at around 1.30am on Sunday morning, at which time patrons were requested over the sound system to leave the venue in an orderly fashion.

Owner Bruce Walker explained that he was asked by officers to shut down the club for the night because one of the venue’s liquor license documents was incorrectly stamped.

By all accounts the incident was handled professionally by the police although a number of patrons were upset about the intrusion.

Reacting to claims circulating online that the police were allegedly prompted to raid the club by rival establishments Walker said that he had no idea if that was the case and denied that he had instigated any such rumours.

“One can’t point fingers. I just keep to myself and look after my own business, I have no idea if anyone was involved,” said walker.

Attempts to contact Boskburg’s Ramp Divas nightclub owner Kayce Keyser telephonically at the time of publication were unsuccessful, but on his Facebook page, Keyser wrote:

“I promise on my life I had nothing to do with [the] raids. It’s not my style to do something like that.”

Walker said that the liquor license issue was now resolved and that the club would be open for business on Saturday.

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