Manhattan’s district attorney has said that he will investigate last year’s arrests of gay customers in New York adult video stores.

According to Gay City News, DA Robert Morgenthau has agreed to look into the matter following a meeting with the Coalition to Stop the Arrests which claims that the arrests were illegal and homophobic.

Robert Pinter, a founder of the group and one of the men that was arrested, said after the meeting: “They really seemed genuinely concerned that something wrong was happening here… They weren’t trying to cover things up or hide.”

The arrests allegedly involved young attractive undercover policemen approaching middle-aged customers at the stores and offering to have consensual sex with them.

When the men left together, the policemen then allegedly told the older men that they would pay them for the sex. The men who agreed, unsure why the younger men would make such a proposal, were then arrested on the spot for prostitution.

At least 30 men were arrested in the stings. Gay groups say that the police’s actions were an attempt to shut down adult video stores by claiming that they are havens for prostitution.

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