In the latest version of the popular reality simulation game, The Sims 3, gay Sim couples now have the option to tie the knot at a wedding party.

In the two previous versions of the Maxis game, same-sex Sims couples only had the option of moving in together and to be “joined” – having some of the benefits of marriage – unlike their heterosexual counter-parts who could marry throughout the series.

“While it would have been nice to be able to escape to a virtual world where gay couples had full equality, it was a step forward and better than the reality of most gay couples,” said Lyle Masaki in his blog.

While the The Sims has always been LBGT-inclusive, gay-friendly games are extremely rare. “Homophobia is still sadly common among video game communities and, worse, some companies’ attempts to deal with anti-gay harassment have ended up being even more repressive to queer players,” said Masaki.

The Sims holds the record for best-selling games franchise of all time, with more than 100 million copies of Sims 1, Sims 2, all expansion and stuff packs being sold worldwide to date.

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