Kurt Rogers (Photo by Alphaboy)

Adult film star Kurt Rogers is determined to become a driving force behind South Africa’s previously non-existent porn industry. With brains and brawn, Kurt and mainstream porn director Ross Winters are turning our fair land into an exciting new venue for the porn business. Liberate Studios is their creation, and the company has already produced two successful outings: Rogered! and Insatiable. Their aim is to utilise local talent and our country’s beautiful scenery, producing good quality pornography which caters for all tastes, both gay and straight. Mambaonline asks South African-born Kurt what brought him to this point in his life…

Why start a porn company in South Africa?

It’s very surprising that there is no porn industry to speak of in SA, especially after the huge transformation this country has undergone since 1994. But to our surprise we found the general attitude towards porn and sex is still pretty inhibited. Liberate Studios aims to change people’s perception and encourage everyone to embrace their own sexuality, and those of others. We as a nation are always trying to convince the rest of the world that we are as open minded and liberal as our European counterparts… but when it comes to subjects like porn and sex , we’ve got so much to learn and accept. Don’t you think it’s about time someone has the balls to do it?

What inspired the name of your company, Liberate Studios?

Speaking as a porn actor, I found porn to be an incredibly liberating experience. I no longer have to hide who I am. I’ve accepted what people might think of me, and realise not everyone will agree or respect the choices I’ve made. But at least I’m putting myself out there and following my dream. And that makes me happy and gives me a sense of achievement. I couldn’t think of a more fitting name.

Why did you decide to make straight porn as well?

We want to cater for everyone – straight or gay. Sex is enjoyed by all people, regardless of their sexual orientation. We have an abundance of sexy men and women in this country, together with the most amazing locations. Put them together and you can create the most incredible scenes of sexual fantasy … or reality. There is a gap in the market for something new and exciting… so why not show off South Africans at their sexiest.

Which do you think is easier to produce: gay or straight porn?

From experience, it seems that straight porn is more of a challenge. I think it’s because ladies here are more conservative. We have had a lot of good response from straight guys of course! In general it’s quite challenging to find actors for both gay and straight movies. I think it’s largely due to the fact that this is an unknown industry here. Another factor is that a lot of people associate porn with perversion and with some individuals who may take advantage of guys and girls.

Is the recession affecting the porn industry at all?

The recession is affecting everything! In times of trouble people tend to turn to certain measures to relieve stress and strain… alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and yes, sex. But the financial difficulties are definitely apparent in the sex industry as well. We can see a sharp decline in DVD sales and also website memberships worldwide.

What do you think of local South African talent? Are our actors of an international standard?

Absolutely! Our talent is as hot as the rest out there. It’s just a matter of getting hold of the hot talent to join us. What you also have to consider is that our population is much smaller than Europe and America, making it more difficult to find talent. And, of course, the conservatism…

So it’s more difficult to find gay porn actors in SA compared to other countries?

During my 12 years spent in London, I saw the sex industry exploding. The amount of escorts in London alone is unbelievable. These guys are all potential porn actors, and trust me there are too many to choose from. The term “porn star” is still pretty alien to South African talent, with only a handful ever to make it big, including myself. But saying that, I’m sure we have many potential porn stars…

“Doing porn does not define me as a person, and I have many other talents and interests…”

Does your family know that you’re an active member of the porn industry?

Some of my family indeed knows. I guess they have accepted that I’m an adult who makes my own choices in life. All of my friends know of course and I’m also in a relationship with a wonderful guy. My partner and friends all support me, which matters the most to me. My motto in life: “Those who know you the least, will judge you the most.”

What made you decide to leave South Africa, where you were born and raised?

I was only 20 when I left for London. Like most young South Africans I wanted to travel and experience the world. I enjoyed London very much, especially the very liberal gay life. I decided to stay for a while and travel more, complete my studies and naturally make as much money as possible. I knew that I’d one day return. This is my home and I love it here.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I wanted to be a marine biologist! But things turned out a bit different… (Laughs)

Does being a porn star affect your personal and romantic life?

For sure. Not many guys will want to date someone working in the sex industry. I am in a happy relationship now – I am not saying we don’t sometimes have serious conversations about my work… but we always talk things through as adults and go from strength to strength!

Would you ever consider changing careers, or do you see yourself in the porn industry for the long haul?

Doing porn does not define me as a person, and I have many other talents and interests. Although Liberate Studios and being a porn actor takes up most of my time, I’m also a very successful makeup artist and fashion photographer. But I’m very determined to make a huge success of Liberate Studios.

Porn has become very formulaic. What do you do to make it more interesting in your films?

We try to keep it fresh, always introducing new talent. We like our movies to have a bit of a story line, but ensure hardcore scenes throughout. We also incorporate a lot of local scenery and other familiar locations which locals will be able to identify with.

How do you feel about barebacking in a film as an actor? Have you ever done it and would you consider it?

As hot as bareback scenes may be, I have never and will never do it.

Kurt Rogers (Pic by Alphaboy)

How do you feel about companies producing bare backing movies?

Barebacking is a very personal and individual choice. I’m well aware that many studios are now producing BB movies and it’s gaining popularity. In my personal life I’ve often come across guys who practice unsafe sex, especially the younger guys. Maybe they don’t see HIV/AIDS as a life threatening disease,

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