Police have released details of complaints filed against police officers stemming from last week’s raid on a leather bar in Atlanta in the US.

The city’s Police Department said in a press conference that the controversial raid, which has led to protests from the LGBT community, was initiated after it received complaints about sexual activity on the premises.

Patrons and staff of the Atlanta Eagle bar say that police officers were aggressive and homophobic during the raid.

Complaints include patrons allegedly being pushed to the ground by neck, being forced to stay down with an officer’s boot, and one man being kicked in the ribs by officers.

There were also claims that police did not identify themselves at first, used offensive and abusive homophobic language, laughed at the patrons’ discomfort and even watched football on television during the raid.

Eight staff members were arrested for either not having the correct business licenses or for dancing in their underwear without an adult entertainment license. No arrests were made for public nudity or sex.

Police Chief Richard Pennington said that a full investigation would be conducted on the officers’ actions.

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