Homophobic reggae star Beenie Man

Pepsi in Uganda sponsored a concert featuring homophobic Jamaican dancehall singer Beenie Man in Kampala last Saturday.

Reports Uganda’s The Daily Monitor: “The King of Dancehall stuck a sword of words into gay people through singing and talking. ‘In my family, we don’t have any gay person but if you’re gay, my brother that’s not my fault,’ he said as he performed his song Mi Nah Wallah, in which he says he would like to cut the throats of all gay men.

Beenie Man has been engaged in an ongoing struggle with LGBT activists around the world who have lobbied to have his concerts cancelled. In his hit song Damn, he sings: “I’m dreaming of a new Jamaica, come to execute all the queers.” Another of his popular recordings, Bad Man Chi Chi Man (Bad Man Queer Man), instructs listeners to kill gay DJs and boasts that people would gladly go to jail for killing a queer.

In response to media reports on the Ugandan concert, Pepsi in the US issued a statement about the sponsorship.

“We are appalled by the performer’s lyrics and find them repugnant. Our bottling partner in Uganda was not aware of the performer’s views and never would have sponsored the concert with this knowledge. Moving forward, we will work closely with our bottling partners to be more vigilant about the events associated with our brands.”

Uganda has been in the international spotlight of late thanks to its proposed anti-gay bill, which is before the country’s parliament. The bill would retain the current life sentence for homosexuality, would impose the death penalty for those who have gay sex with disabled and HIV positive people and would ban any expression of support for gays and lesbians.

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