Gately as he appears in the video for Gave It All Away.

A song featuring the last recorded vocals by the late openly-gay singer Stephen Gately has been released by his band Boyzone.

Gave It All Away, a moving ballad written by pop star Mika, includes vocals by Gately as well as the band’s frontman Ronan Keating.

The song opens with the lyrics, sung by Gately, “I’ll learn to live before I die, I’ll learn to love and learn to try, not to give it all away.”

“We recorded this song 18 months, nearly two years ago, and back then it was just a song with words,” Keating told “Now it has more meaning than any other song we’ve ever recorded. His opening line – it’s just outrageous, it’s just mental.”

Gately was found dead in his holiday home in Majorca in October last year after a night out with his husband Andrew Cowles. An autopsy revealed that Gately had died of natural causes related to a previously undiagnosed heart condition.

The video for the song shows the four remaining members of the band weeping while watching old behind-the-scenes footage of Gately as they write goodbye letters to him.

“It’s us reminiscing about the times we had with our other brother. My favourite scene sees us four sat around a table at the end with Stephen’s favourite picture hanging behind us. To film this video without him was one of the toughest things we’ve done,” said Keating in an interview with the Sun newspaper.

The single will be included in Boyzone’s upcoming fourth studio album Brother. Watch the video for Gave It All Away below.

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