Derrick Martin

A gay US teenager, who was given permission to attend his school prom with his boyfriend, has been thrown out of the house by his parents.

Bleckley County High School officials had originally banned 18-year-old Derrick Martin from coming to the event with another boy, but later changed their minds after a Mississippi school was sued for not allowing a lesbian student to take her girlfriend to its prom and then cancelling the event.

“I didn’t expect them to say yes. It’s who I am. I have the same rights,” Martin told The Telegraph. “It’s my senior prom and I wanted to be able to prove not everyone would cancel prom.”

Martin didn’t have much time to celebrate, however. Following widespread media exposure of his victory, his parents reportedly threw him out the house.

“It’s the same thing as African Americans wanting their right or any minority group wanting their rights. Every person is a human being, and they deserve their rights,” Martin said in a television interview.

According to the teenager, he is currently staying with a friend.

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