Hannah Williams (ABC TV)

An Australian school has claimed that it only banned a lesbian student from bringing a girl as her partner to a school dance because they are from different school years, reports AFP.

According to Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar school in Melbourne, homophobia played no part in it barring Hannah Williams, 16, from attending the end of year event with her 15-year-old girlfriend.

The school principal, Heather Schnagl, said that it was because school rules stated that students attending the dance and their partners had to be part of the same year, which Williams’ younger girlfriend is not.

She insisted that Williams was welcome to attend with a girl or boy from her same year or come alone. “The school is not discriminatory against same sex couples,” Schnagl told ABC.

The school’s defence, however, contradicts Williams’ claim that she was told that “we’re a girl’s school, you meet girls every day, this is a special event to meet boys” and that “the ratio will be off for boy/girl”.

Williams’ father has laid a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Commission over the issue and she has since left the school.

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