John Travolta

John Travolta has finally reacted to claims by a writer that the actor has a secret life in Hollywood’s gay saunas.

In his self-published book You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again, author Robert Randolph writes that he’s witnessed Travolta engaging in sex with other men a number of times. The actor has been dogged by gay rumours for many years.

Randolph’s claims have been recounted by a small number of tabloids and various gossip sites but the star and his people have been quiet on the issue until now.

It’s been reported that Travolta’s legal team has issued a cease and desist letter to at least one website,, threatening to sue for damages.

In the letter, attorney Marty Singer, claims that the stories are “false and outrageous” and “blatant defamatory lies” and describes Randolph as a “patently unreliable source”.

He argues that the idea that his client “engaged in multiple adulterous sexual encounters in different public locations in Los Angeles (where he does not live), and that each time, the (nonexistent) events were coincidentally witnessed by [Randolph], is absolutely ridiculous”.

Singer has demanded that the website immediately remove the article and publish a retraction of the “defamatory statements”.

Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday.

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