The Eastern Cape Department of Education has apologised to a trans teen who was victimised because he refused to wear a girl’s uniform.

The Daily Dispatch reported earlier this week that the school pupil, who was born a girl but now identifies as male, was not allowed to wear trousers by school authorities.

“It just didn’t feel right to wear a skirt to school,” the 15 year old told the newspaper. “It was just so embarrassing”.

Officials at Cambridge high school in East London reportedly told his mother that if he could not adhere to the school dress code he should find another school that does not require uniforms to be worn.

“There is an urgent need to advance a transformation agenda that addresses all matters of common social and cultural understanding,” admitted Eastern Cape Department of Education superintendent general, Modidima Mannya,” adding “The constitution is the supreme guiding document.”

SAPA reported that Mannya has since met with the school’s principal, apologised to the school pupil for any hurt and said that the “right of this child to her preferred sexual orientation” must be upheld by the school system.

The teen will, nevertheless, be joining another school in the new year.

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