Summer can be a problematic time for our pets. It is a period when allergens from long grass and dust mites are rife and when they risk being infested by fleas. Our pet’s immunity is tested to the limits.

While many of our pets struggle with allergies, digestive conditions and behavioral issues throughout the year, summer is also a season that can aggravate these medical conditions.

It is always tempting to turn to allopathic medicine and chemically based remedies to cure our pet’s ailments but there are also some wonderful natural remedies that are very effective.

One is well advised to stay away from remedies, shampoos and repellents that are chemically based, laden with parabens and preservatives. The long term consequences are dire for our pet’s health, wellbeing and longevity.

The fundamental component to a healthy pet and its ability to deter parasites, bacterial infections and allergies is strong immunity. Diet is extremely important and I certainly recommend a natural, wholesome diet that includes real meat and veggies. These include effective antioxidants vitamins A, C and E, â-carotene, selenium and the hormone melatonin.

Whether you are trying to boost your pet’s immune system, improve digestibility or just enhance their well being and energy, Spirulina has it all. Rich in essential oils, anti-oxidants and vitamins it also produces healthy skin and a lustrous coat.

Supporting your pet’s immunity with omega 3 oils is essential. Quality marine based oil is required but steer away from any oils that are derived from flax. Although flaxseed oil is often touted, even by some doctors, as a substitute for fish oil, new studies show it’s not a reliable alternative.

The use of chemicals and parabens in shampoos and remedies is harmful to our pets and weakens immunity but nothing can be worse than the application of flea and tick drops. These are not only toxic but poisonous.

Some pet owners have complained about the immediate sickness that befell their pets when they applied flea and tick drops. Others complained that their pets’ skin became swollen after application of these drops and that their pets continued to suffer from skin conditions.

After investigating the ingredients that are used to formulate these flea and tick drops, I was appalled to learn that ingredients fipronil and permethrin, used in animal flea products, are also the active ingredient in common household insecticides, advertised as almost instantly killing cockroaches. Note also that these products have a hazard rating of 4, the highest value.

I find it hard to believe that these products are not absorbed into the tissues and organs of the animal, accumulating over time, with a consequent impact on the well-being of the pet.

“…when you do choose to shampoo it should always be with a natural, chemical free shampoo…

There are some wonderful natural alternatives that repel fleas and ticks without being dangerous to our pet’s health.

Khakibos has always proven to be a great flea and tick repellent. Older folk will tell you stories of how they would cover their carpets and curtains with Khakibos, in order to repel fleas and ticks and how it can be used to spray your organic herb garden. Safe and natural, Khakibos can be sprayed directly onto your pet and linen and is very gentle on the skin.

It can also be used in cases of skin infections and it has a healing effect on wounds, cuts, calluses, warts and bunions and other infections of the skin.

Another big mistake that we make is trying to wash the pet’s skin irritation or redness away. We feel like we need to bath the pet to relieve the itchiness. And, most probably, we will use a chemical based shampoo. This only aggravates the skin further.

A healthy pet, with healthy skin and good bacteria, does not need to be washed often. However, when you do choose to shampoo it should always be with a natural, chemical free shampoo. Khakibos as a shampoo is soft on the skin whilst also acting as a flea and tick repellent.

Buchu is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Buchu as a soap scrub or shampoo also alleviates skin irritation and is soothing on the skin. It is also very effective for arthritic dogs and a loving massage using the oil does wonders.

An infusion of Rooibos and Chamomile is brilliant for alleviating skin allergies, scratching and skin irritation. The medicinal and healing properties of Rooibos and Chamomile are well documented and are a must for all pets with skin related conditions. Added together with grapeseed oil it can also be taken orally and enables you to fight the problem both internally and externally.

For almost every ailment there is a natural remedy. Sometimes medical intervention is required but often the ailment can be dealt with naturally. In just about every case, whether administered solely or as a supplement to medical treatment, natural remedies are a recommended solution.

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