Ricky Martin performs in Puerto Rico

An anti-gay Puerto Rican pastor has called Ricky Martin “hell’s ambassador” ahead of the launch of the singer’s world tour last week in his home town of San Juan.

Writing on Facebook, pastor Wanda Rolón said: “This weekend Puerto Rico receives a man saved and brought from hell to the light, Nicky Cruz, while another one pretends to drag us all to hell. RM [Ricky Martin] has been proclaimed its ambassador (hell’s, that is). Puerto Rico wake up, everyone praise the lord. This is the island of the Lamb. Alert God.”

The statement was deleted soon after Martin fans complained to Facbook about hate speech.

In an interview with Primera Hora, Rolon slammed the openly gay Martin for celebrating his homosexuality: “They continue being sons, brothers and cousins. They have always existed, but glorifying this behaviour no. I do not glorify a drug addict, an alcoholic.”

At a press conference the day before the start of the tour she continued her campaign against the star: “May the Lord help us this weekend. May God have mercy on Puerto Rico,” she said after accusing him of promoting homosexuality, nudity and sadomasochism.

Rolón’s followers also staged a protest outside the venue were Martin held his opening shows. They heckled concertgoers and called for a boycott of the performances.

Attendance of Martin’s Musica+Alma+Sexo concerts was not affected by the boycott, with all four nights selling out.

Martin’s only response to the furore was to say on stage: “My people, what can I tell you? All I want is for my homeland to be free of prejudice. Neither more nor less. Same!”

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