A British teacher has denied claims that she had sexual relationships with two teen school girls under her care.

Caroline French (38), who has been suspended from her job as a high school teacher, broke down in court while defending herself against the allegations.

French insisted that she is not lesbian and said that one of the girls was lying “…because I turned her down and told her to get lost.”

She has been accused of seducing a 13 year old girl, who was often bullied, with cigarettes and alcohol and having a relationship with her between 2002 and 2004.

French also answered accusations that she had a sexual relationship with another 16 year old pupil who moved into her house for three years and changed her surname to that of her teacher’s.

French admitted that the troubled girl lived with her but insisted that she had the mother’s consent and that the relationship was not of a sexual nature.

“She started off as a lodger but she became part of my family. I was actually quite honoured she thought that highly of me.”

French, added: “I’m not gay. I didn’t have a relationship with (the alleged victim) and I couldn’t conceal it. This is my life, I’m not playing a part.”

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