George Oundo

A man who was used by homophobic preachers in Uganda in 2009 to show that gay people could be rehabilitated has admitted that he regrets what he did.

George Oundo, also known as ‘Ms Georgina’, was displayed at anti-gay press conferences as a “reformed” homosexual. He even publicly asserted that gay people were “recruiting” school children to become gay.

At the time, he told the media that before becoming a born-again Christian he had been funded by international donors “to supply pornographic materials in form of books and compact discs showing homosexuality to young boys in many schools”.

In April he recanted these claims in an interview with the New York Times, saying that he was bribed by the notoriously homophobic Pastor Martin Ssempa to support the country’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which may yet be revived.

Speaking to Behind the Mask on Wednesday, Oundo said that “there is a fire in the belly saying gay is really who you are”.

He now also believes that “being gay is natural and inborn”.

He told the website that the Christian preachers had given him money and built a house for him but that they had since “dumped” him.

“I have never even become born again. I just do not want to be born again,” he said.

Oundo added that he “would understand and respect” those who felt that he had betrayed Uganda’s LGBT people but hoped to be accepted back into the community at some point.

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