A Russian man, who was curious about the taste of human flesh, has admitted to killing a gay man that he met on a dating site and making him into meatballs which he then ate.

The 21-year-old killer, only identified as Ivan L, is apparently not gay but targeted gay men as he believed they would be easier to murder because they would be more likely to be discreet about their liaisons.

The murder is reportedly not being treated a hate crime.

“It wasn’t that he had an extraordinary hatred for those of a different sexual orientation, but he was sure that such people would keep a secret about who they were meeting, so it would be harder to catch him,” Investigator Fedor Bludenov said.

According to Russian media, the unnamed 32-year-old victim was lured to Ivan L’s flat in the city of Murmansk where he was stabbed, decapitated and cut up.

Ivan L posted online video clips of himself cooking the victim’s flesh. The footage has since been removed.

Ivan L told police that he was planning on eating at least 10 more people. His mental fitness to stand trial is currently being assessed.

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