Connor Cruise

Connor Cruise, the adopted son of actor Tom Cruise, has apologised for using an anti-gay slur in a tweet to his agent, which has led to a fallout between the two.

Todd Krim, who had been helping the 17-year-old Cruise book gigs as a DJ, sent his client a tweet teasing him about his team’s loss at the recent Super Bowl.

“Sorry @TheConnorCruise maybe next year!!!” said Krim jokingly after the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots.

Cruise, whose DJ name is DJ C-Squared, replied: “That was a gay ass fucking tweet… You don’t say shit like that about my team the second they lose. Low.”

Krim countered, “Umm ok… Dude I was fucking joking,” to which Cruise answered, “That was fucked” and “Idgaf” (“I don’t give a fuck)”.

Krim later sent out copies of the tweets to colleagues and publicists saying that Cruise’s tweets were “highly offensive and what I consider homophobic… after I jokingly tweeted about the Patriots losing”.

He added: “I am no longer working with Connor Cruise. In fact, I am no longer speaking with [him]… I refuse to be professionally (or even personally) associated with someone that engages in this sort of behavior… I just thought you should know who and what you’re dealing with.”

Cruise later released a statement apologising for his tweets. “What I texted was unacceptable. It is not a reflection of who I am and what I feel, and it certainly won’t happen again,” said Cruise.

Cruise was adopted by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in February 1995 when the now-divorced stars were still married.

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