MP Christian Vanneste

President Nicolas Sarkozy’s party will fire one of its MPs following the French politician’s claim that the persecution of gays during World War II was a “legend”.

Christian Vanneste, a Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) MP for the northern Nord region of France, dismissed the “famous legend of the deportation of homosexuals,” in a video posted online.

He said in the 20 minute clip that “apart from these three annexed departments, there were no deportations of homosexuals from France”.

Vanneste, who has a history of making anti-gay comments, also claimed that gays control the media in France and expounded his personal opinions about the ‘cause’ of homosexuality.

“Fundamental to homosexuality is narcissism. The foundation is ‘I refuse the other’, the refusal of the opposite sex,” he offered.

He also said that gay men prefer partners who “resemble themselves when they were between 17 and 20 years old” and called same-sex marriage an “anthropological aberration”.

UMP President Jean-Francois Cope announced that the party planned to expel Vanneste because of his “deeply shocking and intolerable comments”.

In 2006, Vanneste became the first French citizen to be fined for making homophobic remarks when during a debate in parliament, and afterwards in the media, he declared homosexual behaviour a threat to the survival of humanity, and “morally inferior” to heterosexuality.

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