Utah in the U.S. has passed a bill banning the discussion of homosexuality or contraception in the state’s schools.

The bill, HB 363, was passed by the senate in a 19 for and 10 against vote.

It bars students talking to teachers about pre-marital sex and allows schools to choose not to offer sex educations to students.

Sex education classes must promote abstinence and will not be allowed to include topics such as contraception and homosexuality.

The bill will need to be signed by Governor Gary Herbert before it can become law. It is unclear if he intends to sign the legislation.

“I recognise that some parents do not take the opportunity to teach in their own homes, but we as a society should not be teaching or advocating homosexuality or sex outside marriage or different forms of contraceptives for premarital sex,” said Republican Senator John Valentine.

Democratic Senator Pat Jones, however, called the bill “a mandate against reality.”

Critics of the law fear that it will lead to an increase in teen pregnancies, general ignorance around issues of sexuality and anti-gay bullying.

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