Therapy’s bringing their glam gay decadence back to the Jozi queer scene this April and they’ve got something special lined up on the decks.

DJ Adien, who’s played some of the top gay and lesbian parties in the U.S. and Brazil, including the Winter Party (Miami), White Party (Palm Springs), Summercamp (Province Town) and The Week (Sao Paolo), is bringing her sleek, progressive, international style to one of SA’s most iconic club nights.

Therapy’s featured femme has not only comfortably inserted herself into two male-dominated industries, electronic music and submarine cabling, but also manages to find time for her true passions: music, health and animals.

Mambaonline caught up with the dancefloor diva to find out what she’ll be blasting out of the ferocious Set sound system on the main floor, on 5th April.

You’ve had an amazing DJ career for someone who hasn’t made it a primary source of income. Which parties have been the most memorable?

Winter Party Miami – National DJ Showcase. This was my first big gig in a major club and it was such a special event. I was selected to play alongside three other major national DJs to headline one of the biggest parties for Winter Party and The Week, Sao Paulo. It was a sunrise set and the club opened up completely and transformed into a pool party

We’ve seen you at work and there’s no doubt you know how to pull out the right tracks at the right time. How do you keep your mixes fresh and exciting?

I am constantly searching for new music. Not just house music but anything fresh, different and obscure. I believe this translates in to the music I play. I tend to steer away from the known. My job is to create a new experience for my listeners. I can only do that when I constantly explore new boundaries in music.

What influences you to pick the tracks?

Picking tracks is different for each party. I never have a pre-determined set. This is dynamic and I believe this is what makes you a good DJ. Good DJs are sensitive to the energy in the room. I know more or less where I want to go with my set but my audience determines my next track!

Three words to describe your music style?

Sexy, emotional house.

What kind of music is getting your attention these days?

As far as house music is concerned a sexy, driving bass is key. I love layered textured sound with a good melodic component. Percussion is always a winner and I do enjoy a good vocal injection on the main floor. I also play a lot of deeper tech house which is bass heavy and great for more down tempo occasions. When it comes to other music I have been loving James Blake, Burial, Bon Iver and James Vincent McMorrow. As with my house music I like anything that challenges boundaries. When there is a deconstructed obscurity I am in heaven.

You’ll be heading to Joburg to feature at Therapy. What are you most looking forward to on the night?

I have been reading and following the posts regarding Therapy and you know a promoter is doing something right when there is so much enthusiasm and energy for the next party. The space, the energy, the music – it all seems like a perfect combination and I am so looking forward to being a part of this.

What can we expect to hear from you at Therapy?

The vibe will definitely be tribal, raw and sexy but I guess you will just have to come hear for yourself!

What do you love most about playing for a gay crowd?

I love the energy, the acceptance and the ‘Joie de Vivre’ There is something very special about gay parties and they have always been and will always be my favourite events.

Being a DJ isn’t your full time job. What do you do when you’re not mixing?

Well, to be honest my DJ-ing had to take a back seat to my career. I have a busy career in submarine cable engineering but my passion is music and animal rights.

Have your passions inspire or changed the way you live?

Yes. My life changed after I watched the movie Earthlings. From that day on I became inspired to make a change for the animals in our world. I am a ethical vegan and don’t consume any animal products. This has had a profound impact on my life – physically, mentally and spiritually. My decision was 100% ethical but the rewards have been amazing. Physically, I have never been in better shape and I have not had a cold/flu for years. I have four dogs and two kittens, all rescues, and they remind me of the important stuff, every day.

We are all really looking forward to experiencing your set but in the meantime where can we get a little preview of your sound?

My podcast page features all my music. Not just the energetic, fun club music but also my deeper tech and tech house podcasts. You can find them at djadien.podomatic.com. I’ll also be featured and interviewed on 5fm’s The Fresh Drive with DJ Fresh on the Ultimix @ 6pm, Thursday 5th April. Hope you’ll all tune in, and more importantly, get your tickets to the hottest party in Joburg – Therapy.

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