Nelson Mandela Bay Pride 2012, only the second ever, was launched at three venues – Coco De Mer, Aqua and Italian Job – in Port Elizabeth on Saturday 14 April.

The event is set to take place on Saturday 22 September.

The region’s first Pride last year saw over 700 people participating in the parade and 5000 taking part in the post-pride event.

Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB) Pride was the brainchild of the Eastern Cape Gay & Lesbian Association (ECGLA), which was formed in 2009.

Pride 2012 organiser Robin Payne said that what had been thought not possible in such a blue collar community became a reality, and a canvas to build on in future years.

He explained that NMB Pride is a day of celebration of the LGBTI community and that the event is used to raise funds and to support causes in the community.

The theme of NMB Pride 2012 is ‘Life in True Colour.’ Funds raised will be used to support the activities of the ECGLA and Tru Colors, an NGO that aims to present South African schools with a programme dealing with awareness around sexual orientation, gender issues and homophobic and transphobic bullying in schools.

Hanro Manefeldt of Yellow Lizard Design was responsible for the development of a campaign around the theme.

It consists of around 180 photos, a 40 second video and television commercial, as well as various awareness posters and print adverts. A new logo and website have also been launched.

“The models that were used in the shoot come from all walks of life – and sexual preferences. We have the gay guys, the lesbians, the bisexuals and the drag queen… but also a straight boy and girl!” said Manefeldt.

“When watching the video or looking at the photographs, they all just blend together. Sexuality becomes of lesser importance, while friendship and love shines through – even when they are all soaked in paint!”

Watch the video clip below. For more information about NMB Pride jump to the Facebook page.

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