Between Love & Goodbye

The second annual Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival (DGLFF) – one of the highlights of the LGBT calendar in KZN – takes place from Thursday 17 May to Monday 28 May and features a wide selection of feature films, documentaries and shorts.

The inaugural 2011 DGLFF was hailed as a critical success, with the event reaching out across gender, economic and geographic diversities, as well as sexual orientations. Building on the momentum of the first city-based pink film festival in Africa, festival director Jason Fiddler is excited about the 2012 edition.

“In 2011, we started the festival with virtually no sponsorship, tremendous partnerships with the KZNSA and Gearhouse, who provided us with technical assistance and equipment, and a wonderful acknowledgement by both the LGBTI community and the greater city of the importance and value of this initiative. The DGLFF is now a crucial part of the pink calendar in our province and enjoys widespread support,” he said.

A number of the films on show this year have never been screened in South Africa and will be making their local and African premiere at the festival. The opening night films are Between Love & Goodbye and The Adored.

Between Love & Goodbye is the new film from writer/director, and recent OUT 100 honouree, Casper Andreas (Slutty Summer, A Four Letter Word). It’s a modern gay drama about falling in and out of love, and the rocky ride in between starring a sexy young cast.

The Adored is lesbian thriller about a struggling, married has-been model who suffers a major loss in her life and becomes part of an obsessive relationship with a female celebrity photographer.

The DGLFF is hosted at the KZN Society of Arts (KZNSA) Gallery, 166 Bulwer Road, Glenwood Durban. Tickets are R35 each and special limited Gold Festival Passes (R450) will enable patrons to view each and any production during the 12 days, whilst limited Silver Festival Passes (R250) will enable the bearer to view each title once only.

Tickets can be purchased from the KZNSA gallery now and email bookings made via can be paid for by EFT. The Festival has a recommended age restriction of 18, with a number of titles for a mature audience.



The Casper Andreas Quintet: A selection of five retrospective films by American director Casper Andreas will be screened:

BETWEEN LOVE & GOODBYE (2012 / USA / 97min / Dir: Casper Andreas)

A handsome French student falls in love with a New Yorker but has to marry their lesbian friend to get a Green Card. When the American’s drug addicted sister moves in, a wedge is driven between them.

[Thu 17 May @ 8pm / Sun 27 May @ 8pm] Gay Romantic Drama

• Between Love & Goodbye will be the first Opening Night Film

GOING DOWN IN LA-LA LAND (2011 / USA / 107min / Dir: Casper Andreas)

Fresh from New York, an aspiring actor lands in Los Angeles with little but his looks and his integrity. He moves from talent agency to porn studio, becoming an escort to the stars, eventually finding love.

[Tues 22 May @ 10pm / Mon 28 May @ 8pm] Gay Romantic Comedy

• Going Down in LA-LA Land will be the last Closing Night Film

THE BIG GAY MUSICAL (2010 / USA / 90min / Dir: Casper Andreas)

Against the backdrop and storyline of an off-Broadway musical, its 2 male leads must navigate failed relationships, coming out, one night stands, bitchy backstage antics and various vocal keys.

[Wed 23 May @ 10pm / Sun 27 May @ 6pm] Gay Romantic, Musical Comedy

VIOLET TENDENCIES (2010 / USA / 100min / Dir: Casper Andreas)

It’s not easy being the fag hag to gay men, especially when your raucous humour and tell-it-like-you-see-it manner leaves you alone at night. With hot gays in abundance, can the girl get the boy?

[Sat 19 May @ 4pm / Sat 26 May @ 6pm] Gay Romantic Comedy

A FOUR LETTER WORD (2008 / USA / 87min / Dir: Casper Andreas)

The prequel to Violet Tendencies follows a rather ditzy, but hot queen as his shallow encounters and wise sex store co-worker’s influence lead him to demand more meaningful relationships from NY life.

[Fri 18 May @ 6pm / Sat 26 May @ 4pm] Gay Comedy

THE ADORED (2012 / UK / 97min / Dir: Carl Medland, Amarjeet Singh)

A struggling model thrown into depression by marital troubles and a major loss, hopes that a session with a prolific photographer will help her career but she becomes the object of obsessive desire.

[Thu 17 May @ 10pm / Sun 27 May @ 4pm] Lesbian Psychological Thriller

• The Adored will be the second Opening Night Film

COST OF LOVE (2011 / UK / 90min / Dir: Carl Medland)

Sexy, confident and full of attitude, a male escort is king of his domain and secretly in love. His best friend’s engagement and his drag queen confidant’s unrequited love for him threaten his fragile world.

[Sat 19 May @ 8pm / Thu 24 May @ 10pm] Gay relationship drama

KICKOFF (2010 / UK / 101min / Dir: Rikki Beadle- Blair)

Quirky, sexy and downright funny, it’s a story of an oddly assorted gay action football team who must learn to handle each other if they hope to beat their equally dysfunctional opposing team. A must-see!

[Sun 20 May @ 4pm / Wed 23 May @ 6pm] Gay sports comedy

YOU SHOULD MEET MY SON (2010 / USA / 85min / Dir: Scott Boswell)

A mom inadvertently learns that her son is gay, and enthusiastically drags her sister out to find him a decent boyfriend, unbeknownst to him. She’s befriended by drag queens, leather men & a go-go boy!

[Fri 18 May @ 8pm / Sat 26 May @ 8pm] Gay comedy

JOE + BELLE (2011 / Isreal / 80min / Dir: Veronica Kedar)

A lesbian Thelma & Louise pair up in this whimsically dark romantic comedy, where dysfunction and mental instability conjoin in a wild cross-country escape after an inadvertent death. Don’t miss it!

[Sun 20 May @8pm / Thu 24 May @6pm] Lesbian romantic comedy

KAWA (2011 / New Zealand / 77min / Dir: Katie Wolfe)

As a successful, loving Māori businessman deals with marital struggle and a rebellious son, he is must reveal his gay secret to a disillusioned wife, patriarchal clan and difficult business partner.

[Mon 21 May @8pm / Fri 25 May @ 6pm] Gay relationship drama


Follow the adventures & misadventures of three aliens from the planet Zots, sent to Earth on a mission to rid themselves of romantic emotions, which are considered toxic to their planet’s atmosphere!

[Sun 20 May @10pm / Sun 27 May @2pm] Lesbian romantic comedy

AUGUST (2011 / USA / 100min / Dir: Eldar Rapaport)

Two former lovers reunite, and rekindle their passion, after a long since past, painful, breakup as one returns from Spain. Complications arise as the Los Angelean is now very involved with someone else.

[Thu 24 May @8pm / Sun 27 May @ 12pm] Gay relationship drama

WEEKEND (2011 / UK / 96min / Dir: Andrew Haigh)

Two men meet by chance at a bar, having no further intention than a night of passion. Over the course of a weekend that will change their lives, they learn more of each other and fall deeper in love.

[Sat 19 May @6pm / Fri 25 May @8pm] Gay Romantic Drama

LEAVE IT ON THE FLOOR (2011 / USA/Canada / 109min / Dir: Sheldon Larry)

Audacious, raucous, raunchy and big hearted – a musical story about voguing, homeless young gay men, makeshift families, African-American gay culture and the grand diva who holds it all together!

[Sun 20 May @ 12pm / Mon 28 May @ 4pm] Gay musical drama

• Leave It On The Floor will be one of the Closing Night Films

eCUPID (2011 / USA / 100min / Dir: JC Calciano)

After 7 years’ relationship, one guy is consumed by his failing coffee shop and his partner is disillusioned in a dead-end job, about to turn 30! A downloaded phone app changes their lives and reinvents their love.

[Tue 22 May @ 8pm / Fri 25 May @ 10pm] Gay romantic comedy

LONGHORNS (2011 / USA / 90min / Dir: David Lewis)

Set in Texas, 1982, a ‘straight’ college guy learns that his man-on-man fantasies, buddy play and falling for the only openly gay student in class might just mean that he’s gay too! Raucous and lots of fun!

[Sat 19 May @ 10pm / Sun 27 may @ 10pm] Gay comedy

I am Gay & Muslim


PAVING FORWARD (2012 / South Africa / 16min / Dir: Mtokozisi Lembethe)

Connecting the evolution of LGBTI rights in South Africa from The Struggle days to a tenuous present, the film examines views from those who fought for freedom and those struggling today to enjoy it. Must see!

[Thu 17 May @ 8pm – paired with Between Love & Goodbye / Fri 18 May @ 2pm / Sun 27 May @ 8pm – paired with Between Love & Goodbye] LGBTI Activism, historical

• Paving Forward is part of the Opening Night schedule

• Meet the Director: Mthokozisi Lembethe of Paving Forward after film Fri 18 May at 2:15pm; includes public discussion: Origins of LGBTI Rights

TABOO… YARDIES (2012 / USA / 79min / Dir: Selena Blake)

Neither taking sides nor pulling punches, this powerful documentary delves deep into Jamaican society, examining just how homophobic the nation really is. Multiple interviews surprise and enlighten.

[Sat 19 May @ 2pm / Sat 26 May @12pm] LGBTI Activism

• Meet the Director: Selena Blake of Taboo… Yardies after film on Sat 19 May at 3:15pm

I AM GAY & MUSLIM (2011 / Netherlands / 59min / Dir: Chris Bellini)
A journey from Holland to Morocco reveals the stories of gay Muslim men living with Islam, trying to maintain their faith and individuality under often dangerous circumstances. An enlightening documentary.

[Sat 19 May 12pm / Mon 21 May @ 4pm] Gay religious

• Meet the Director: Chris Bellini of I am Gay & Muslim after film on Sat 19 May at 1:00pm

UNITED IN ANGER: HISTORY OF ACT UP (2012 / USA / 93min / Dir: Jim Hubbard)

About ACT UP (the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) from the grassroots view and see how a small group of men & women of all races & classes, came together to change the world and save each other’s lives.

[Fri 18 May @ 4pm / Tue 22 May @ 4pm] LGBTI Activism, historical

VITO (2011 / USA / 93min / Dir: Jeffrey Schwarz)

After Stonewall, Vito Russo became an LGBTI rights activist, going on to write The Celluloid Closet about Hollywood’s portrayal of gays in films and passionately supporting ACT UP fighting for AIDS justice.

[Sat 19 May @ 10am / Thu 24 May @ 4pm] LGBTI Activism, biographical

ENTRY DENIED (2012 / USA / 28min / Dir: Muchu Latorre)

The unequal landscape between heterosexual and homosexual couples is highlighted here where US Immigration policy does not recognize the same-sex partner of an American citizen, breaking up couples

[Sun 20 May @ 10am / Sat 26 May @ 1pm] LGBTI Activism, human rights

• Meet the Director: Muchu Latorre of Entry Denied via Skype session on Sat 26 May at 1:30pm

TAKING A CHANCE ON GOD (2011 / USA / 54min / Dir: Brendan Fay)

A POW in Nazi Germany, Vietnam peace promoter, leading gay rights advocate and loving partner of 46 years to Charles Chiarelli, we follow the extraordinary life of 86-year-old Jesuit priest John McNeill.

[Sun 20 May @ 10am / Sat 26 May @ 11am] LGBTI Activism, biographical, religious

WE WERE HERE (2011 / USA / 90min / Dir: David Weissman)

Taking a deep, personal and reflective look at the arrival and impact of AIDS in San Francisco, learning from the city’s LGBTI people how they responded, cared and met the challenges that arose. Moving.

[Tue 22 May @ 6pm / Fri 25 May @ 4pm] LGBTI Biographical

RITES OF PASSAGE (2012 / USA / 23min / Dir: Jeff Roy)

The story of a devout Muslim transgender who endures family and religious persecution to become who she truly is, we follow Maya as she undergoes surgery against the colourful backdrop of Bangkok. See it!

[Sun 20 May @ 2pm / Mon 21 May @ 4pm / Sun 27 May @ 10am] Transgender, biographical

• Meet the Director: Jeff Roy of Rites of Passage via Skype session on Mon 21 May @ 4:25pm

TRANS (2012 / USA / 92min / Dir: Chris Arnold)

Extraordinary documentary about men and women, and all the variations in between. The transgender community is perhaps the most misunderstood and mistreated minority in America and around the world.

[Sun 20 May @ 2pm / Sun 27 May @ 10pm] Transgender, biographical

ARE ALL MEN PEDOPHILES? (2012 / Netherlands / 70’ / Dir: Jan-Willem)

Controversial and very informative, this documentary seeks to understand the sexualisation of especially teenagers in modern media, taking into account historical and societal attitudes, thereby opening debate.

[Mon 21 May @ 10pm / Wed 23 May @ 4pm] Sexuality, analysis

HARSH BEAUTY (2005 / India / 54min / Dir: Alessandra Zeka)

For centuries, the eunuchs (or Hijra) are considered the 3rd gender, neither men nor women. Over three years the lives of three who live openly as women are documented, and want to be accepted as their true selves.

[Mon 21 May @ 6pm / Sat 26 May @ 10am] Transgender, biographical

What You Looking At?


All short films will be screened prior to a main feature film.

WHAT YOU LOOKING AT? (2011 / UK / 10min
/ Dir: Faryal)

A young Muslim woman in a burkha and an English drag queen get trapped in a lift – and realise they have more in common than they thought. Excellent and well worth seeing!

[Thu 17 May @ 8pm with Between Love & Goodbye / Tues 22 May @ 8pm with eCupid / Sun 27 May @ 8pm with Between Love & Goodbye] Comedy

• What You Looking At? will be one of the Opening Night Short Films

ALWAYS AGAIN (2011 / UK / 6min / Dir: Estel Campreciós)
Kim just got engaged. She’s congratulated by saying that HE (the fiancé) is a lucky man. When she states that in fact it’s a woman, Kim’s told off for being too out, which leads to various funny situations.

[Thu 17 May @ 10pm with The Adored / Sun 27 May @ 4pm with The Adored] Comedy

• Always Again will be one of the Opening Night Short Films

HOLD ON TIGHT (2011 / Ireland / 13min / Dir: Anna Rodgers)

Holding hands or kissing in public isn’t for everyone. When it comes to same sex relationships, showing your love outside of the home is sometimes a complicated personal choice. Drama

[Fri 18 May @ 8pm with You Should Meet My Son / Sun 20 May @ 10pm with Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same) Romance & relationships

DIANA (2009 / UK / 11min / Dir: Aleem Khan)

The day after the Princess of Wales’ death Mohit, an Indian pre-op transsexual,embarks on an emotional journey set against the backdrop of a day that shocked a nation and will change his life forever.

[Mon 21 May @ 6pm with Harsh Beauty / Fri 25 May @ 6pm with Kawa] Drama

THE ROSA SONG (2011 / Germany / 11min / Dir: Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay)

Forty years after the original film, with challenging new ideas about gay male life in Germany and internationally, a diverse group of gay men review, rewrite and restage its legendary final scene.

[Wed 23 May @ 10pm with Romeos / Mon 28 May @ 6pm with Romeos] Dramatic activism

DISARM ( 2011 / Australia / 17min / Dir: Wil Faulkner)

Two men meet online for a hook‐up, but after an initial confrontation about who’s in control of the sex, they fall into conversation and have something they did not expect: a connection.

[Fri 18 May @ 6pm with A Four Letter Word / Mon 21 May @ 6pm with Kawa] Drama

YOU CAN’T CURRY LOVE ( 2012 / UK/India / 24min / Dir: Reid Waterer)

A handsome South Asian from London visits India, falls for a local guy, meets a transgendered “hijra”, and discovers a country he only thought he knew. A touching, funny and delightful romantic comedy.

[Mon 21 May @ 6pm with Harsh Beauty / Fri 25 May @ 6pm with Kawa] Romantic Comedy

JUST THE TIP (2011 / Australia / 6min / Dir: Sean Horlor and Steve Adams)

An off-beat story about all the horrible things friends do to each other and explores one day in the life of Jayson, a shallow, twenty-something queer guy searching for love in all the wrong places. Quirky!

[Thu 24 May @ 10pm with Cost of Love / Sat 26 May @ 8pm with You Should Meet My Son] Comedy

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