South African gay socialite and blogger Mika Stefano has made a tongue-in-cheek video for his first single #TwitterDance, which has just been launched on YouTube.

“I am sure you will agree the video is sexy and very gay, gay, gay… And with lots of eye candy,” Stefano, who hosts a gossip segment on Metro FM with Carol Ralefeta on Saturday mornings, told Mambaonline.

The song was produced by Velaphi Ramphele (VtheVowel) and the video, made by award winning Pilot Films, features Stefano along with gay singer and HIV+ activist Koyo Bala and a host of local celebs and hunky models.

When asked if he was considering a serious music career, Stefano – who admits he’s no sterling vocalist – replied: “Right now I’m just having fun. I love performing, so who knows. I have had a few artists like DJ Cleo, Liquid Deep and El Raffael wanting me to do a colab with me.

“I don’t think South Africans are ready for a gay Kwaito singer who can’t sing. Perhaps I’ll be big in China or Norway,” he added.

Stefano said that reaction to the #TwitterDance song had been mixed. “A lot of people are saying it’s the worst song they have ever heard. Well, honestly, it’s not meant to be a good song, it’s meant to be a fun song. And I think that came across in the video. Cool, sexy, colourful people just having fun.”

He went on to reveal: “One of the first tweets congratulating me on the video came from my icon Tamara Dey, who said it was a hot video.”

Watch the #TwitterDance music video below and tell us what you think.

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