Joe Manganiello on The Soap and earlier this week on the beach

Pop star Kylie Minogue has made a fun guest appearance on American satire television show The Soup and taken the opportunity to munch Doritos off actor Joe Manganiello’s belly.

Minogue first threw a faux hissy fit with host Joe McHale over a clip from a dancing show before she got down to business on the hunky Manganiello’s stomach.

Fans may notice, however, that the True Blood star’s belly appears considerably more rotund than usual.

That’s because the actor, who plays a stripper in the upcoming film Magic Mike, was actually wearing a prosthetic stomach for the show, jokingly blaming it on too much beer.

Manganiello was photographed earlier this week at the beach in Miami showing off his real and very impressive six-pack.

Nevertheless, despite the fake ‘beer-boep’, Minogue made a meal of the chips, seemingly enjoying every moment.

Later, after Manganiello walked off screen, the singer ran after him because “he had something else in another crevice and I need to catch him while it’s still on him…”

Minogue is in the U.S. promoting her latest single Timebomb and the release of a new greatest hits CD marking her 25 years in show business.

Watch the humorous clips from The Soap below.

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