Nairobi at night

Three lesbian women have been brutally assaulted and sexually molested in a house in downtown Nairobi, reports the Identity Kenya website.

According to the site, the women, who had spent the night together, were chatting in the bedroom of a lodging house when two men stormed into the room.

The men, who are known to the women, demanded to know why they had shared a bed and told them that they knew that they are lesbians.

The attackers boasted to the trio that they would show them “who a man is” and threatened to “teach them a lesson” for behaving like men.

The women were then allegedly punched, kicked and stripped naked by the men who then allegedly proceeded to sexually assault them with empty beer bottles.

One of the women has laid charges with the police but has reportedly since fled fearing for her safety.

One of the victims told Identity Kenya that “similar low scale attacks and lesbo-phobic harassment had taken place before” and that no action had been taken against perpetrators.

She also claimed that a lesbian activist group had failed to take these incidents further as the victims were not members of the of the groups.

The Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK) said that it is following up on the matter.

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