Pastor Errol Naidoo

Long-time foe of South Africa’s gay community, Pastor Errol Naidoo from the Family Policy Institute, has blamed gays and lesbians for creating a “culture of death” that led to the Marikana Massacre.

“Abortion-on-demand – driven by radical feminist activists – and the homosexual agenda, lie at the heart of the culture of death. These anti-family groups are responsible for population decline,” wrote Naidoo in his latest newsletter.

In the letter, the Cape-Town-based Christian leader railed against feminists and gays and lesbians for perpetuating this culture of death that he claims “is slowly killing off the human family in Western civilisation”.

Naidoo said that these groups and their culture of death were to blame for the “rapidly diminishing rights and freedoms of Christians in SA”, “the growing holocaust of abortion on demand”, “teen pregnancies”, and “the Marikana Massacre”.

The Marikana mine disaster saw 34 mine workers protesting over wages and union recognition killed by police in a horrific fire fight.

Journalist Mandy de Waal commented on Twitter: “When I read [Naidoo’s newsletter] I become more convinced that strains of religion are akin to a virus that destroys rationality.”

Disturbingly, Naidoo revealed that his church has shot a television show, titled Watchmen on the Wall, which will debut on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) Africa, a Christian television channel on DSTV, on 4 September at 7 p.m. It is unclear if the show will espouse his openly homophobic and bigoted agenda.

Mambaonline contacted TBN Africa for comment and is awaiting a response from its director. The channel did reveal that Watchmen on the Wall will be an actuality programme from a Christian perspective, hosted by Naidoo, that will be broadcast weekly.

Mambaonline is also awaiting a response from DSTV/Multichoice on if it would bear ultimate responsibility if Naidoo broadcasts his hate message on its pan-African satellite network.

Naidoo’s Family Policy Institute is a Christian fundamentalist lobby group which is openly anti-gay and has sought to repeal same-sex marriage rights in South Africa.

Naidoo, who believes that homosexuality can be cured through prayer, has campaigned against the Pink Loerie Mardi Gras Festival in Knysna and against the City of Cape Town’s efforts to attract international gay tourists.

He was quoted by Nigeria’s This newspaper as saying: “I hate gays. It runs against God’s wishes”.

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