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A German father has shown support for his young son who prefers to wear dresses by also wearing skirts, to ensure that he doesn’t feel different.

Writing for, Nils Pickert, who moved from Berlin to a small, traditional town in South Germany, explained that he had to decide how to deal with his five-year-old son’s preference for dresses and skirts.

He said that the issue had not only become a topic of conversation for parents but for the whole town.

It had also made it difficult for his son to make friends at nursery school.

“I didn’t want to talk my son into not wearing dresses and skirts… I had only one option left: To broaden my shoulders for my little buddy and dress in a skirt myself,” said Pickert.

“After all you can’t expect a child at pre-school age to have the same ability to assert themselves as an adult. Completely without role model. And so I became that role model…”

He said that his action had inspired the boy to not only wear a dress on the weekends, but also at his nursery school.

Pickert says that when the young boy is mocked by other boys he now responds defiantly: “You only don’t dare to wear skirts and dresses because your dads don’t dare to either.”

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