While the Jamaican government fails to decriminalise homosexuality, a new video shows the brutality faced by gays and lesbians in the homophobic island nation.

According to Gay Star News, two men were allegedly caught having sex in the toilets at the University of Technology in Kingston. While one man was able to escape, the other was caught by a mob, which reportedly beat him.

He was then taken by the attackers to campus security guards who, instead of helping the hapless man, proceeded to also violently attack him as the mob cheered them on. It is unclear what happened to the victim.

The incident with the security guards was captured on a cell phone camera and was posted on YouTube with a description describing the beating of the “batty man”, a derogatory Jamaican slur for a gay man.

Jamaican lawyer and LGBT activist Maurice Tomilson slammed the incident as “savage” and condemned the government for failing “to show leadership on the issue of human rights of LGBT people”.

LGBT rights group, J-Flag, has documented on average between 30 and 40 cases of violence related to the victims’ sexual orientation annually over the past three years. According to the group, this year alone, there have been nine murders of LGBT people in Jamaica.

Earlier this year, before taking office, Prime Minister Miller said that she was open to reviewing the criminalisation of homosexuality in her country but has not yet made any moves in this regard.

Watch the appalling video below.

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