Robert Pattinson

Actor Robert Pattinson has suggested that he would only make another Twilight movie if his character Edward Cullen turns gay.

Pattinson appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show last week along with co-star Taylor Lautner to promote the final Twilight film Breaking Dawn: Part.2.

DeGeneres asked the 26-year-old star about rumours that there are plans to continue the hit vampire franchise after the latest movie.

Pattinson said, tongue in cheek, that he would consider taking part if the series included an alien invasion or if it was combined with The Avengers.

He then jokingly added: “I was also thinking another way to do it would be to make it look like Will & Grace, where Edward turns gay. But they still stay together. And they raise the kid and everything.”

The audience and Lautner responded with laughter, DeGeneres commenting “You’ve got some ideas there. I’m writing some of this stuff down.”

Breaking Dawn: Part Two opens in South Africa on Friday.

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