American pop star Adam Lambert, who is set to perform in Johannesburg, spoke to reporters at a press conference on Friday about his South African fans and being an openly gay artist.

Lambert took to the stage in Cape Town earlier in the week and said that he “loved the energy and the diversity of the crowd” in the mother city.

He revealed that he’s revamped and reworked his concert specifically for South Africa, and even added more dancers to the shows, his first in Africa.

“I knew there were fans in South Africa. I have seen them online and on Twitter and I’ve met some South Africans at other shows but I think this [performing in South Africa] was long overdue,” said the 30-year-old Grammy-nominated singer.

When asked what he expected from South Africa, he replied: “We talked about it last week and decided to be open-minded and absorb the energy, and we love it”.

On being lonely when on tour, he said that the experience could be a little lonely but that he’s surrounded by his crew who are also his friends.”

When Mambaonline asked Lambert – the first openly-gay artist to hit the number one spot on the Billboard album chart – about coming out to the public, he replied that at first he was a little hesitant, but then he felt responsible to be himself and to be open, saying that he also likes to be provocative.

“I represent individuality and diversity – and all those people that are ‘different,’” he said, adding that he is a supporter of same-sex marriage rights.

When asked to comment about the oppressive environment that many gay and lesbian Africans face on the continent, Lambert said: “We all have our own individual moral beliefs, and we all think we know what is right and wrong, but we should all be treated equally under the law.”

Discussing his routine before going on stage, the star said that he exercises and puts his makeup on.

“I don’t sacrifice any baby goats or anything. Isn’t that Lady Gaga’s thing?” he joked. “Isn’t that why you don’t want her here? Only kidding, I’m actually a huge fan.”

Lambert will be performing in Johannesburg on Friday night at the Coca Cola Dome.





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