David Cecil (Pic: Mark Schenkel / Radio Netherlands Worldwide)

The trial of a British man who put on a gay-themed play in his small cultural centre in Kampala has been postponed until next year.

David Cecil (34) produced The River and the Mountain, about a Ugandan gay man who is killed due to his sexuality, in August.

Because the play had been banned, Cecil was arrested and jailed for four days before being freed on bail.

On Thursday, after appearing in court, his case was pushed back until the 2nd of January 2013.

Cecil was also given permission to travel to the UK ahead of the next court date.

If found guilty of disobeying an order from a public authority, he could be imprisoned for two years.

Speaking to Channel 4 News last month, Cecil, who has lived in Uganda for around five years, said that it would be “quite crazy” if he was sentenced to jail for offering a “modest contribution to Uganda’s theatrical scene”.

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