A transgender activist appeared ill-prepared for a rant by notoriously homophobic preacher Martin Ssempa during a live TV debate in Uganda.

Activist Pepe Onziema faced off against Ssempa, who is known to be a vocal supporter of the country’s pending Anti-Homosexuality Bill, on the NBS show Morning Breeze.

In the discussion, Ssempa launched into a tirade about the unnaturalness of gay sex, demonstrating wildly with a banana to emphasise his point.

“This is a man’s genitals [holding the banana] and you insert them into the intestine, they put their genitals into the excretory system; this excretory system is not designed to receive, it is only for exit,” he shouted.

He went on to claim that HIV / AIDS is an overwhelmingly gay phenomenon and described Onziema as being “sick” and “confused,” refusing to refer to him as a male.

“We are dealing with a girl who thinks she is a boy. That is a sickness. We need to guide them,” Ssempa said.

Onziema was largely unable to get a word in over Ssempa’s rant but was finally able to make some salient points, challenging Ssempa on his view on HIV/AIDS.

“He’s been making claims and allegations about HIV/AIDS spreading, how it’s mostly homosexuals, it’s not true, Ssempa, you know that. Actually, it’s your ignorance.”

Onziema went on to say that he simply wants to be seen as a “human being, as a person who is part of this society”.

The host responded by stating, “But society has rejected you.” To which Onziema replied that this is due to “the propaganda of the likes of Ssempa,” adding, “I cannot believe you put me on a show with a hooligan”.

Ssempa is famously known for showing gay porn at meetings to bolster his virulently anti-gay views.

Watch a clip from the debate below.

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