Franchesque Richards, Jujubee and Nicole T Phillips

As South Africa’s gay community eagerly awaits the new season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, a host of international drag stars have shown their support for the South African Gay Flag while on the recent ‘Drag Stars at Sea’ cruise in the Caribbean.

The cruise in December was an opportunity for members of the LGBT community to hang out with previous contestants from the popular television drag competition.

The SA Gay Flag was brought on board by Chelsea Page Moses, stylist for Latrice Royale, who was recently announced as an ambassador for the flag.

She said that “I believe in the Gay Flag of SA as a symbol of education” and added that she “is proud to be associated with an organisation like this”.

Eugene Brockman from the Gay Flag of SA explained that he met Moses when she participated as a judge in the Miss Gay Western Cape 2012 competition last year. “I was struck by her passion for gay rights and culture,” he said.

During the cruise, Moses snapped photos of drag stars such as Roxie Hart, Blondie Blonde, Latrice Royale, Jujubee and Chad Michaels all proudly holding the flag aloft.

“We at the Gay Flag of SA are excited to continuously build strong partnerships with organisations both local and global to create awareness for South Africa’s LGBTI community and issues. And we welcome Chelsea to our ever expanding team,” said Brockman.

Chad Michaels with Chelsea Page Moses

The Drag Stars at Sea cruise was the subject of some controversy before it even left shore when the travel company behind it announced that passengers would not be allowed to wear drag due to “security” concerns and for the “comfort of guests”.

Carnival Cruises informed outraged ticketholders that only performers could dress in drag, and only in performance venues, during the cruise.

As Moses is transgendered, the ban did not affect her directly but she was adamant that “It would be like a step backwards in time, we have evolved to a much better place, we as a world have come too far to start going backwards”.

After threats of a “Stonewall at sea,” the company eventually reversed its decision, blamed the furore on miscommunication, and the cruise went ahead as planned.

Season five of RuPaul’s Drag Race is set to kick off in the US this week. It is not yet known when it will be broadcast in South Africa.

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