London World Pride 2012
Following last year’s chaos, the new organisers of London Pride have warned that they may not have sufficient resources to put on the event this year.

In 2012, the British capital hosted its annual Pride celebrations together with World Pride but the event was ultimately scaled down due to embarrassing financial woes and claims of mismanagement.

As a result, a new community-based volunteer organisation, London LGBT+ Community Pride, submitted a successful bid to take over the management of the event, set to take place from 25 to 30 June.

According to Gay Star News, however, the organisers have warned that due to delays in getting funding and approval from Mayor Boris Johnson’s Greater London Authority (GLA) they only have five months to pull the event together.

“The GLA are providing up to £150,000 to support this year’s event but at least a further £280,000 is needed to put on the show that London rightly expects,” said organisers.

“This amount of funding is needed to keep everyone safe during the parade and afterwards in Trafalgar Square and Soho. It also enables pride to look great and represent the best the community offers.”

London LGBT+ Community Pride also noted that it took over 700 volunteers to manage the event, adding that a lack of volunteers combined with a lack of funding “might prevent Pride taking place in 2013”.

“If adequate funding and manpower is not secured the event could be scaled back or cancelled,” said organisers.

A public meeting will be held tonight where members of the community will be able to “find out more, ask questions, share your ideas and get involved”.

LGBT Londoners have been urged to take part and volunteer to assist with Pride 2013, said to be the third biggest annual event in the city.

“We welcome the participation of everyone who identifies within our wonderfully diverse LGBT+ community to build a Pride which is inclusive and a legacy which celebrates the rich diversity of people in the 21st century,” said London LGBT+ Community Pride.

The theme for Pride in London 2013 has been announced as “Love (and Marriage)”.

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