A Durban lesbian couple have been told that their two kids would not fit in at a Christian school because it does not accept same-sex marriage.

The Mail and Guardian reported on Friday that Karin Prinsloo and Grazjyna Engelbrecht-Prinsloo – who consider themselves Christians – contacted the Kainon School in Westville two weeks ago enquiring about placing their two year olds at the establishment.

In response, the school’s public relations officer, Justina Wasserman, wrote that “it would not be good to have a child in an environment where his or her beliefs do not accord with the beliefs of the school and church.

“A fundamental principle of our school and Church is the importance of marriage, which we recognise as being between one man and one woman. We wish your children every success and hope you find a school best suited to your situation,” she said.

An angry Prinsloo-Engelbrecht told the newspaper that, “We are not in a ‘situation’, we are a loving, happy family”.

She said: “When they say that it is not in our children’s best interests to attend the school, it makes me wonder what they are teaching at the school. Do they tell the kids being gay or being different is wrong?”

Prinsloo also commented: “The school doesn’t allow for our Constitution and for acceptance of the fact that there are many different interpretations of the word of God…”

Headmistress Jane Edmunds defended the school’s position, saying that its “fundamental principle was the importance of marriage as a holy union between one man and one woman and that this principle permeated the daily Christian teaching in the school.

“Approaching it from the view that it would not be in any child’s best interests to receive conflicting and confusing views between home and school, we suggested that Kainon would not be a good fit for their children.”

A spokesperson for Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga stated that it is not acceptable for a school to refuse to admit children because their parents are gay or lesbian.

The Kainon School describes itself on its website as “a small independent co-educational Junior and Senior Primary Christian School” offering “unique, thought-provoking teachings about Heaven and Hell and Marriage and Family”.

It adds on the site that, “We are looking for families that have a similar approach to parenting and life”.

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