Boston Marathon bombing (Video source here)

The notorious Westboro Baptist Church is once again using gay people to generate publicity; this time blaming gay marriage for Monday’s Boston Marathon attacks.

The radical group, which is known for its hateful stance against gays and lesbians stated on its website: “The federal government is classifying the bombs as a terrorist attack, but say it’s unclear if it’s of a domestic or foreign nature. Here’s a hint ヨ GOD SENT THE BOMBS!”

It added: “How many more terrifying ways will you have the LORD injure and kill your fellow countrymen because you insist on nation-dooming filthy fag marriage?!”

The Kansas-based church went on to state: “Massachusetts invited this special wrath from God Almighty when it was the FIRST STATE to pass same-sex marriage on May 17, 2004.

“As a direct and immediate result of that first step down the slippery slope to nationwide fag marriage, God sent the devastating bombs to the Boston Marathon.”

The church said that it planned to picket the funerals of the victims of the deadly blasts which killed three people, including an eight year old child, and injured 144.

No suspects have yet been identified in the attack.

The Westboro Baptist Church, run by Fred Phelps and his family, is known for its virulently anti-gay campaigns asserting that “God hates fags”, protesting at gay friendly events and even demonstrating at funerals of US soldiers who were killed in action.

Last year, Advocate magazine named Phelps one the 45 worst homophobes in the world.

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