A gay Google employee has proposed to his surprised boyfriend in an elaborate ceremony at the company’s London office cafeteria.

Michael, who also works for Google, has been in long distance relationship with Shaun Aukland, who works for the company in California.

While visiting London on business, Shaun prepared the proposal with hundreds of other staff members in the office. It involved co-workers suddenly bursting into song as he and Michael had lunch.

As the group of co-workers sang Marry You by Bruno Mars and the entire cafeteria clapped along, Shaun popped the question to his unsuspecting partner and asked him to move to San Francisco with him.

The whole thing was captured on video and posted on YouTube where it’s been viewed almost 100,000 times.

“We are a binational couple, separated for the last two years, on and off, without the ability to sponsor Michael for citizenship in the United States because of the Defence of Marriage Act,” wrote Shaun on YouTube.

“I flew to London for one of our regular trips and secretly to propose to Michael in hopes that he’ll be able to finally join me permanently in the US after the Supreme Court decision.

“Five minutes before the proposal, all of the TV screens in the cafe showed a timer countdown. At about 10 seconds, Michael remarked ‘it’s really busy in here’. Also, ‘What is that timer?’ Then the video starts,” explained Shaun.

The US Supreme Court is expected to soon rule on the constitutionality of the Defence of Marriage Act which currently bars the US federal government from recognising same-sex marriages.

Watch Shaun proposing to Michael below.

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