Mr SA Leatherman Johann Jooste has come in seventh place in the 35th International Mr Leather (IML) contest in Chicago.

Jooste, an event planner, fashion designer and marriage officer, won the local title in Cape Town in December last year.

This past weekend he competed against 51 other contestants in the six day IML event that concluded on Monday.

IML includes speakers, socials, themed dance parties and a large leather vendor market. 

The highlight was the awarding of the International Mr Leather title on Sunday, which went to Andy Cross, Mr. San Francisco Leather 2013.

One of the most electrifying moments for South Africans at the contest was when Jooste appeared on stage waving the South African flag.

In his speech in the competition, Jooste spoke about the challenges of growing up as a stutterer but said that “Today I have a voice. Today I have a purpose”.

He added: “I now own my right to a place in society.”

Jooste appeared pleased at making the top ten in the competition and thanked his Facebook fans for their support and congratulations.

“Neither the Oxford dictionary, nor Google has a word to describe this moment…!!!” he wrote.

SAleathermen is “a national, community-based organisation dedicated to promoting the image of the South African leather community through visibility, advocacy, community outreach, and social and educational events”.

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