Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula (in pink)

Following a brutal homophobic murder in Russia last month, it’s been reported that another Russian man has been kicked and stabbed to death by his neighbours because he was gay.

According to AFP, the incident took place last week in the village of Zaporozhye, located in the far eastern region of Kamchatka.

Police said that three men have been arrested in connection with the murder and have stated that they believe that the motive was related to the man’s sexual orientation.

“The victim died at the scene from his injuries. Then the suspects tried to cover up the crime by putting the body in his car, pouring on petrol and setting it alight,” investigators said.

The man has only been identified as the deputy director of a local airport.

The murder comes just weeks after a 23-year-old Russian man was tortured and killed in the city of Volgograd by his friends, apparently after he came out as gay to them.

Police said that Vladislav Tornovoi had been severely beaten, had wounds to his genitals, and that his head was smashed in with a rock. He had also been raped with a beer bottle and his body was then set alight.

Russian gay rights activist Nikolai Alexeyev commented about the latest murder on Twitter. “Now the deputy director of an airport has been killed in Kamchatka. Because he was gay. And it’s going to get worse,” he said.

The attacks come amid growing official and social homophobia in Russia.

In January, Russian lawmakers approved a law that would effectively bar any LGBT events or any shows of support for LGBT people or rights that might be seen by minors. The bill must still receive final approval from parliament.

In some Russian regions and cities, local authorities have already passed similar laws which have led to the arrests of LGBT activists.

Moscow authorities have also continued to defy a 2010 ruling by the European Court of Human Rights and have refused to allow Pride events from taking place  in the city for almost a decade.

It’s further been reported that the Russian military is working to root our homosexuals from its ranks.

Russian authorities are also said to be planning to bar French couples from adopting Russian orphans after that country legalised same-sex marriage last month.

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