Desperate mom pleads for help in finding her son


Ruan Uys

Twenty-eight-year-old Ruan Uys, who went missing in Boksburg last month, still hasn’t been found. He was last seen on the 2nd of January.

In a heart-wrenching interview yesterday, his distraught parents, Johan and Hantie Uys, told GaySA Radio that they get into their car at every opportunity to desperately search for their son.

Hantie said they have been advised to stop driving around at night in dangerous areas as they were putting their own safety at risk.

”I have decided to take the advice, however we have not stopped searching and I am not giving up hope. I have to believe he is still alive,” she said.

“I pray for his safety every night, especially if he is in a situation where he can’t come home of his own free will. I don’t know what to do anymore. I am psychologically drained every time I get back from looking for him.”

Boksburg police have confirmed that the search for Ruan is continuing and no new leads have surfaced.

Alberto Dejesus

Ruan was last seen in Goodwood Street, Boksburg North, on 2 January, at around 7pm, with a friend named Alberto Dejesus. According to a June 2017 Facebook post, Ruan was or is in a relationship with Alberto.

At the time of his disappearance, Ruan was wearing grey shorts, a grey t-shirt, rubber slip-ons and a cap back-to-front.

He will be remembered by many in Gauteng’s LGBTQ community as a barman at the now-closed Pretoria gay nightclub, Legends.

If you have any relevant information about Ruan or where he can be found, please contact the SAPS Boksburg North CSC office on 011 898 3000 / 3009 / 3010 or the Pink Ladies on 072 214 7439 / 083 378 4882 / 072 620 7704.

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