Pride of Africa calls for submissions from LGBTQ+ organisations


Pride of Africa is requesting LGBTQ+ organisations to come forward for an initiative that will showcase their work and experiences.

The plan is to highlight these NPOs, NGOs and other entities that work in the sector in an online platform.

“Our contemporary world can be complicated to understand. The LGBTQ+ community is breaking ground in the age of global communication, yet it remains stagnant in others,” said Pride of Africa in a statement.

“Pride of Africa continues to work on growing the visibility and plight of the LGBTQ+ community on the African continent. Pride of Africa drives change within our community and we are trying to create our world as an autonomous body working as if it was a small, close-knit community, interacting and overlapping in a complex fashion through our technology and business partners.

“The LGBTQ+ network is dependent on all of us to influence changes over time, record them and make sure that the world sees what we are doing and the positive impact the LGBTQ+ community is making in the world.

“It is time to raise the voice of our community again, take stock of where we are and where we need to go. In these trying times we are looking into the contributing factors that affect our LGBTQ+ community,” said Pride of Africa.

Pride of Africa is asking all African organisations to share their profiles, stories, photographs and videos with them so that they can tell your story to the world.

For more information or to submit your material, please email

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