Transgender vlogger Zoey Black raises funds for ‘top surgery’


Digital content creator and trans rights activist, Zoey Black is opening up about her decision to get ‘top surgery’ as part of her self-affirmation journey.

The 33-year-old from Kuils River, Cape Town, who’s worked with organisations such as Gender Dynamix and Iranti, has in recent years openly shared her life and journey as a trans woman with the world.

Her intimate YouTube videos explore her everyday experiences as well as those especially related to her gender identity; a process she’s described as “a rollercoaster ride”.

Now, after much consideration, Black is ready for the next big step in her life; undergoing a breast augmentation, or ‘top surgery’ as it’s commonly known.

“It was incredibly hard being raised and socialised as a boy. Since childhood, I knew I was a woman,” says Black.

“But I didn’t have the language to articulate or explain why I felt so displaced and why I struggled with my identity and relationships. Only coming into my gender identity in my late 20s was rough, but it was by far the best decision I made for myself… to live as myself, openly.”

To realise her life-long dream of becoming her authentic self, Black has launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy to appeal to family, friends, LGBTQI allies, as well as the wider public for much-needed support.

“I’m the kind of person to take my time when I make big decisions. I’d been thinking of having top surgery done for about five years now. But before I decided to undergo such massive change, I wanted to make sure that it was the right decision for me. And it was. So here we are… Me, asking you to help make that decision a reality.”

Since the launch of Black’s campaign on 4 August 2021, over R7,000 has been raised towards her target of R60 000. This will cover the cost of the surgery, time in theatre, as well as the routine post-surgery check-ups she will need.

To show her appreciation to those who have supported her operation and stood by her through the years, Black intends to film and document her experience in detail. She hopes this will help pave the way for her ‘trans siblings’ who are contemplating affirming themselves through surgery.

She also hopes that through educating others on what it means to be trans, more people will have compassion for this vibrant community. “There is always something we can learn from each other,” says Black.

To make a donation on BackaBuddy to support Black’s transformation, click here.

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