We’re Queer my Dear returns this June


The WQMD hosts: Jodi Deerling, Tina Redman, and Shenay O’Brien

We’re Queer my Dear (aka WQMD), the acclaimed, informative, and empowering LGBTIQA+ online web series returns for its third season this June to coincide with International Pride Month.

WQMD is an award-winning (“Media of the Year” – Feather Awards 2019) online series created by Shenay O’Brien (Producer) and Jennis Williamson (Director) in 2019.

It’s hosted by a proudly LGBTIQA+ trio: top South African drag artist, activist, performer and entrepreneur Shenay O’Brien; actor, presenter, beatboxer and activist, Tina Redman; and entrepreneur, designer, and brand developer, Jodi Deerling.

WQMD is an easy-to-watch guide to help you come out (in whichever way you see fit) and step up and live your life to the fullest. For the 2022 edition, Shenay, Tina and Jodi get more personal, debate new thought-provoking topics and welcome an array of guests who offer their perspectives and experiences to viewers.

They’ll bring viewers content that matters and tackle hard-hitting topics, discussions, and questions on issues such as: Pronouns; Gender & Sexual Identities; Censorship of Queer Issues in Mainstream Media; The Relevance and Impact of Queer Pageantry; Hate Crime Legislation; and a special guest interview with a Queer Pioneer who will also receive the first WQMD Icon Award.

This season will incorporate a new segment for WQMD followers focusing on Queer Identity and finding your “Tribe” in a community that is as diverse and unique as the rainbow itself. Sadly, former co-host Jaco Smith-Venter, who was part of the previous two seasons will not take part as he and his husband relocated to the Netherlands.

WQMD Season 3 will also feature collaborations with other LGBTIQA+ organisations and platforms as well as amazing prize giveaways. Prizes include: a 3-day 2-night stay for 4 from Forever Resorts Loskopdam in Mpumalanga, and 2 x R2,500 beauty aesthetics vouchers from Wellnessthetics in Johannesburg.

All details on how to stand a chance to win these fantastic prizes will be shared on the WQMD social media platforms and is open to all WQMD followers and viewers.

O’Brien and Williamson were inspired to create WQMD in 2019 when they recognised the need to have healthy discussions about LGBTIQA+ topics and to help and assist those who need guidance and support. They were also aware of the immense value of sharing real-life stories of LGBTIQA+ individuals living openly and publicly.

“We would have loved to have had something like this when we were trying to find our feet and come to terms with our sexuality,” says Williamson. He explains that the series is not only informative and helpful for LGBTIQA+ individuals but also aims to offer heteronormative society a look at the struggles, obstacles and challenges queer individuals face daily.

He adds, “I am thrilled and honoured to once again put on my director’s hat for the third season of We’re Queer My Dear. As always, we will cover content, not just to educate, but to add hope to a community in need of support and change. What I can say is that we will be going bolder and bigger with this season and prove that our voices should be heard.”

“We want to help others to come out – while acknowledging that what this means is different for every individual – and to be their authentic selves,” says O’Brien. “And we want to motivate those who do not fall under the LGBTIQA+ umbrella to be more conscious and to be better and more involved to acknowledge queer individuals and  communities, to embrace, accept and celebrate those who are different, unique and living their truth, despite
the constant criticism.”

O’Brien continues: “It’s three years down the line and the passion and drive to continue learning and educating ourselves and others through the WQMD platform is stronger than ever. We are grateful to be able to share our stories and insights, and those of our guests, in the hope that others can take from it and empower and love themselves, especially now in a world that’s constantly thrown in to turmoil.”

Viewers can follow the WQMD Season 3 journey on www.Mambaonline.com, WQMD’s official queer media partner. WQMD is also on Facebook and Instagram.

Watch the WQMD Season 3 Promo Video below.

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