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Congratulations! It’s a fur-baby: I have disliked dogs, quite intensely, for most of my life. They smell. They have no sense of personal space. Their
Do we honour and obey?: At thirty-one and in a long term relationship, I feel quite a bit of pressure these days to “take the next step”. It irritates me partially
The indignities of ‘playing doctor’: No one likes to go to the doctor. No one leaps out of bed, excited by the prospect of sitting in an airless
THE RISE OF THE BEARS: I’m usually a reluctant and late follower of fashion trends. I remember thinking the cardigan would never catch on again, and I held
ARE WE PORN THIS WAY?: “The problem with the young ones is that they get all their moves from porn!” said a girl friend of mine at dinner the other day. “They have no
MAKING GAY LONG TERM MAGIC: For me, there is nothing sexy about romance. Romance is beautiful, exciting, and important – but it’s important because of
BIPHOBIA – THE FINAL FRONTIER?: My grandfather used to joke that being bi doubled your chances of a date on a Saturday night (something apparently first said
THE CAMP VS BUTCH TRAP: When I came out, neither of my brothers seemed very surprised. They hadn’t expected it; but it seemed to make sense and explain all kinds of
YOU GET GAY BACKPACKERS, TOO: I love travelling. It’s right up there with breathing, dreaming of Bradley Cooper and eating-tiramisu-while-thinking-I-should-be-eating-salad
THE NEW DEMOCRACY OF PORN: Peruse any dating site or social network and you’ll be forgiven for thinking that just about every gay guy is furiously posting pictures of his privates across the web. Welcome to a new world, writes Al Mackay, one in which we’re all porn stars in the making.