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INTIMACY FREAK OUT: PART 1: Welcome to the wonderful world of “intimacy issues!” Brian Rzepczynski explores the oh-so-common problems associated with fear of intimacy and gay men.
LAUGHING WITH JASON WOOD: Having his clothes ripped off by drunk women onstage is just one of gay British comedian Jason Wood’s occupational hazards. Chris Mitchell finds out more.
NO STRINGS ATTACHED: Pop singer and former NYSNC band member Lance Bass has very publicly come out of the closet, but was he forced out, asks R. Olivera Jr?
US ARMY DISMISSES GAY ARAB LINGUIST: The U.S. Army has discharged a highly regarded Arabic linguist who was the target of an anonymous email "outing" campaign.
UN COMMISSIONER OPENS OUTGAMES CONFERENCE: Around 1,500 LGBT activists from around the world massed for the first International LGBT Human Rights Conference held as the kick-off event for the First World Outgames.
CALL TO INVESTIGATE LESBIAN MURDERS: Human Rights Watch has called on Jamaican authorities to immediately investigate the murder of two women who were reportedly killed because of their alleged lesbian relationship.
WASHINGTON RULES AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE: The Washington State Supreme Court has ruled that the ban on same-sex marriage in the state is not unconstitutional.
US POP STAR COMES OUT: Lance Bass, member of the popular former boy-band N Sync, has confirmed media speculation and rumours by announcing that he is gay
MONTREAL GAMES KICK OFF SATURDAY: The second major international LGBT sporting and cultural event within one month, this time in Montreal, is set to kick off this weekend.
LATVIA PRIDE: 14 ARRESTS MADE: Riga Police have arrested 14 people in connection with the attack on members of the city's gay community on Saturday.