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In love for the first time at 26: Throughout my life I wanted to believe in true love, but I only ever saw it in the movies. The love of those around me seemed tainted
COMING OUT FOR PARENTS: Failing to find an online guide to help parents of kids who've come out as gay, Dylan van Vuuren and his mom have compiled their own advice for parents who might be surprised and shaken to hear, "Mom, Dad, I'm gay".
ANYONE FOR QUEER RUGBY?: Homosexuals playing rugby? Yes, it does happen. Blight Rugby Club started out as a small gathering of gay Capetonians having a picnic and has grown into a weekly touch rugby game.
MY GAY BIRTHDAY: Dylan van Vuuren recently celebrated his third gay birthday - the day he came out to his parents (via SMS nogal). He writes about how it happened, what he learned and offers tips for coming out in style.
A BOTTOM IN BENONI: “A young gay Capetonian boy moves from a beachfront townhouse to the East Rand of Johannesburg…” Sounds like a great concept for a new reality show right? Except, it’s actually my life, writes Dylan van Vuuren.
NO FATS, NO FEMS: Are we obsessed with trying to prove our masculinity by pursuing ‘straight-acting’ studs? Dylan van Vuuren - who excels at being gay (not so much at being buff and butch) - tells us why gay men need to grow up.